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Interparliamentary Commission (IPC)

The Interparliamentary Commission (IPC) is the governing body of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW. Formed of the four cantons funding the FHNW, the IPC consists of five Members of Parliament from each of those cantons. The IPC is responsible for managing FHNW affairs for the attention of the various cantonal parliamentary committees, to which it reports.

Government Committee

The Government Committee is the interface between the FHNW and its four sponsoring cantons. Comprising the four cantonal Ministers of Education, the Government Committee is responsible for managing all FHNW affairs, which are subsequently decided upon by the cantonal governments and parliaments.

University Board

The University Board of the FHNW is responsible for strategic management at the FHNW. Serving as our statutory supervisory body, it is responsible for providing organisational regulation at FHNW and overseeing the quality of our services.

Other responsibilities of the Council include the implementation of our statutory performance mandate and the monitoring of budgetary compliance.

Presidium of the Board of Directors and Staff

The Presidium of the Board of Directors, consisting of the President and a Vice President, is responsible for operations management at FHNW. The President is responsible for providing the FHNW with extramural representation. He serves as Executive Chair on the Presidium of the Board of Directors and on the Board of Directors. Vice Presidents are responsible for ensuring the statutory fulfilment of our fourfold performance mandate and the delivery of quality services pursuant to that mandate. The Presidium of the Board of Directors is advised by a staff of expert professionals.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the directors and heads of services of our nine affiliated schools. The Board of Directors is responsible for taking decisions on affairs of overall significance for the FHNW. Directors are responsible for managing their particular school or service.

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