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Diversity Forums

How can I follow lectures with a hearing impairment? How can I combine family and study? How can I meet local people? How do I prepare to enter a career? As a lecturer, how can I promote equal opportunities for all students? – Finding answers to these questions is important—as they concern not only experts but all of us!

Dear Students, dear Staff

Our Diversity Forums offer a new opportunity for exchange and for providing support among students and staff. These forums allow all FHNW members to discuss important everyday issues in strict confidence and to participate actively in university life as discussion partners. We can use our different backgrounds and perspectives as productive resources, as much as the various forums can help us cope with our studies and university work and with dealing with pressures and conflicts.

The following forums are now open to all FHNW students:


The International Forum deals with life in Switzerland, maintaining long-distance relationships, and cultural issues. Please contact the to register.


The Careers Forum promotes discussion about career prospects as well as how to best plan your studies and career. If you have questions about work placements, application procedures, and career events, please contact the to register.


The Work-Life-Balance Forum serves the exchange of ideas about how to combine study and family, and how to balance professional, political, and social commitments. Please contact the  to register.


The Uniability Form focuses on studying with a disability or chronic illness. Please contact the to register.

FHNW staff now have exclusive access to the following forum:


The Peer Counselling Diversity Forum has been set up as a support network for FHNW staff members. It offers an opportunity to discuss questions about dealing with students, their diverse backgrounds, and individual needs. The forum fosters the exchange of ideas among staff working with and advising students. Please contact the to register.

The Diversity Forums are a cooperation project supported by the FHNW Research Initiative. Cooperation partners include the School of Applied Psychology, the School of Teacher Education, and the School of Business. For enquiries, please contact the project manager Brigitte Liebig or Susan Göldi.