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Within the basic commitment to practice at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), MikS research pursues the following aims:

  • To provide insights into human action in complex socio-technical systems. Our research focuses on the above fields of application.
  • To generate methods and competencies with regard to the practical and beneficial implementation of scientific psychology.
  • To ensure that research activities and results are strongly oriented towards practice and are compatible with interdisciplinary work.
  • To link individual research projects to our threefold remit to provide basic training, further education, and consultancy. Research is a key resource in helping us fulfill our performance mandate. It thereby ensures the continuous further development of our institute and its orientation towards the current themes being discussed within the scientific community.
  • To utilise research activities for the further qualification of our institute staff.
  • To bring research results to the attention of interested practitioners and the relevant international scientific community.

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Head of Institute

Prof. Dr. Adrian Schwaninger,, +41 62 957 24 26