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Student Projects

Students absolve a number of practical projects during their studies.  These student projects are supervised by lecturers and subject to quality control.

Your enterprise or organisation can set such a task for a student project. At very reasonable costs, the groups deliver well- founded, professional and often creative solutions. It also provides you with an ideal opportunity to become acquainted with potential future employees.


Basel Projects

Prof. Christian Tanner

T +41 61 279 17 97
Basel BSc Theses Adrian Alioski T +41 279 17 69
Brugg Prof. Stephan Burkart T +41 56 462 42 66
Olten Felix Strebel T +41 62 286 01 07

For more detailed information about these projects (including process overview and submission forms), please go to the individual campus links.

Basel (German)

Brugg (German)



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