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St. Petersburg State University

Cooperation with St. Petersburg State University, Higher Economic School

Globalization, the rapid development of the Russian and Swiss economies and the  growth of business synergies between Russian and Swiss companies enforces the need to expand on efforts to obtain information and share reciprocal knowledge concerning business.

Cooperation between the School of Business FHNW and the Higher Economic School, St. Petersburg State University is based on the Memorandum of Cooperation signed in December of 2009 by the Rector of the St. Petersburg State University, A. Maksimtzev, and the Director of the School of Business FHNW, R. Nützi.

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Professor Dr. Olga A. Strakhova, Professor Dr. Ruedi Nützi, Professor Dr. Igor A. Maksimtzev ,Professor Dr. Vitalyi P. Galenko 

The cooperation is designed to stimulate the development of business networks and the promotion of joint educational activities based on professional knowledge exchange between Russian and Swiss business partners. Collaboration between partner universities is evident on the post-graduate level. It is centred on implementing international training programmes, business networking events, scientific research, business education and specialized MBA and EMBA programs in Russia and Switzerland. International collaboration is personified in joint educational projects for Russian businessmen, researchers and academia.

Both universities offer the necessary infrastructure to ensure continuity of high quality educational and consulting services.

Our central objective is to create graduates who possess rigorous applied knowledge and expertise. The active participation of businesses and academia from both countries, Russia and Switzerland, makes the realization of this objective feasible. Therefore, we invite you not only to study, but also to exchange experiences and enhance your business connection. 

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