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Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) (Vietnam)

2 years, part-time, 60 ECTS credits


The EMBA prepares for the next step of your career: assuming responsibility as an executive leader. Acquire the necessary skills in the most important disciplines of business management, which will enable you to act responsibly and successfully. Practice-oriented training will help to apply your new skills immediately and with success. Learn about new models, methods and instruments in economy and business management. Be competent in matter and method. Learn how to think and act as an entrepreneur, how to handle challenges in management, how to put them in the right light and how to resolve them in a holistic way. Increase competence in cooperation and communication and social skills. Engage effectively in teams with representatives of several disciplines.

Target groups/Conditions of admission

The typical EMBA student holds any academic degree, has been active in professional life for several years and has been or wishes to be active in economic leadership and management.

Prospective students must fulfill the following criteria to be admitted to the EMBA:

  • University degree or equivalent professional
  • A minimum of three years of professional experience after graduation
  • Assessment
  • For EMBA with English as a teaching language: knowledge of English (Level B2 qualification required, Level C1 recommended), proven e.g. through TOEFL

Syllabus and time requirements

The course consists of 4 semesters on a part-time basis. It provides the necessary knowledge and skills in general management with the aim to develop global leaders. Lectures on weekends and weekdays in the evenings.

Academic Board

Study Director: Prof. Dr. Arie Verkuil, School of Business, FHNW
Program Manager: Prof. Dr. R.-Dieter Reineke, School of Business, FHNW

Lecturers: Specialists with many years of practical experience from the world of business together with a team of European and Vietnamese university professors guarantee a high quality of professional expertise and teaching methodology.

Final degree

The course of studies leads to the degree of Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA FHNW).

More information

For more information please visit the website of FSB/FPT School of Business.

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