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Institute for Information Systems - Digitalizing Business and Economy

With its nine competence centers the Institute for Information Systems (IWI) investigates, researches, teaches and actively shapes the digital changes in economy and society. The nine competence centers are: Business & Research Incubator, Cloud Computing, Digital Economy & Business Agility, E-Business, learning.lab, New Trends & Innovation, Smart Energy Systems, Systems Engineering, and Technology, Organization & People.

Our mission is the education and support (research- and consultancy projects) of innovative and responsible managers in a hyper-connected world:

Highlights from our current research and application areas:

Digital Transformation Concepts

Currently, we are increasingly asked questions about the digital transformation. That is why we want to answer frequently asked questions first of all from a practical and application-oriented perspective:

Digitalizing Business - Development

Any company can ignore digital change until it has no customers any longer.
Basically, the need to adapt to changing customer needs is nothing new.
However, what is new in the digital age is the speed with which new competitors appear out of nowhere and replace disruptively a previously established business model within a few months. Therefore, we develop solutions that enable companies to derive in time new business models from the latest digital opportunities.
An excerpt of our research areas:

  • Cloud-Based Transformation Example
  • Strategic Roadmap Example
  • Sustainability, Eco-Systems and Digital Arena Example
  • Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Disruptive Innovation Example
  • Swiss SME Example

Digitalizing Business - Implementation

The Institute for Information Systems develops application-oriented solutions for the implementation of economic goals in the digital age.
An excerpt of our research areas:

cross-cutting issue: Digital Leadership

A constantly increasing complexity, exponentially increasing dynamics in the change of customer expectations, and changing work methods justify the research field "Digital Leadership".
An excerpt of our research areas:

  • Organizational Learning, e-Learning
  • Organizations can convert towards sociotechnical frameworks
  • Digital Culture
  • Knowledge Management

cross-cutting issue: Artificial and Computational Intelligence

Increasing computer power, improved algorithms, and stable cost-efficient hardware bring a technological progress to intelligent systems and robots, which will transform fundamentally society and economy.

An excerpt of our research areas:

  • Business Analytics, Business Intelligence Example
  • Predictive Analytics, Big Data Analytics Example
  • Natural Language Processing, Big Data Mining Example
  • Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning Example
  • Human Machine Interfaces and Interaction
  • Robotics

cross-cutting issue: Information Ethics

An excerpt of our research areas:

  • Information ethics examine how we behave and/or should behave morally while offering and using information and communication technologies, and new media.
  • Machine ethics deals with the morality of autonomous or semi-autonomous programs and machines, like agents, robots, and drones.

sector focus: Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 describes the interlocking of industrial production with modern information and communication technology. The Institute for Information Systems closely cooperates with the School of Engineering FHNW: Technology Transfer FITT.


sector focus: Energy/Smart City

The economic and technical challenges of the energy sector, such as the integration of decentralized renewable energy sources require solution approaches that intelligently connect economic and technical aspects.
An excerpt of our research areas:

  • Smart Energy Systems Example
  • Strategic Initiative Smart Living Example
  • Dynamic Complex Event Processing for Hybrid Telecommunication Networks and Smart Grids Example
  • ESInfo for the distributed feeding into low voltage networks Example
  • Strategic Initiative "Energy Chance" Example

sector focus: Government

In its research, the IWI also takes into account the specific requirements of federal, cantonal, municipal and other governmental institutions.
An excerpt of our research areas:

  • GovCloud Days Example
  • OntoGov Example
  • E-Government service improvement by using semantic technologies Example

sector focus: Finance/Fintech

FinTech is a summarizing denomination for modern technologies in the field of financial services.
An excerpt of our research areas:

  • Mobile Money, Mobile Payment
  • Blockchain, Bitcoin, Smart Contracts