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The focus of the research work of the Competence Center Cloud Computing lies on the extension of the scientific experiences by using Cloud Computing in different ranges (like Smart Grid, Disaster Management or Opinion Mining). For us, the importance lies on the fact that the broad employment of Cloud Computing is important for the Swiss market. We received valuable insights from an inquiry among Swiss enterprises, which we recently accomplished with the title "Where do Swiss enterprises stand today and where does the journey lead?" You find a summary of the most important results in the report. From this our focus results in the following questions, which form a set of barriers for the employment of Cloud Computing, like for example:

  • Definition of the business case for the employment of Cloud Computing, or differently put: How do I measure the value of Cloud Computing?
  • Support of self-service with Cloud services by means of „intelligent" technologies.
  • Possibility of automatic scaling of applications, which use IaaS.
  • Exchange platforms, which connect the questions of Cloud users and Cloud suppliers with the application-orientated authority of experts of both sexes from science and research.

For this reason we currently research in the following two areas:

  • Event processing is a well-known technology for the processing of event streams (for example generated by sensors) in highly dynamic application environments.
  • Semantic technologies permit the abstraction of the respective systems within a domain range and support the representation and modelling of the domain knowledge

Selected publications on this topic: