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Transformation into a Digital Economy

"Tomorrow's customer needs of will be taken care of. Either by you, or by your competitor."

Digital opportunities change our society and thus our economy ever more rapidly. Although this is known to most decision makers, many companies might not survive the upcoming transformation. Unprepared companies will not be able to keep pace with the speed. Business segments considered stable so far might be no longer in demand by the customers despite a high quality of own products or services.

1st perspective

economy 4.0 - Digital Economy in a Digital Society

economy 4.0 is a vision that explicitly anchors the digital element as a 4th factor of production in management and deals with its inclusion at all levels of business and economy.

By the 4th factor of production we understand something that can be transferred by communication or networking, required for a value-adding activity. For the value-adding perspective we combine Information Management & Knowledge Management.

The Competence Center 'Digital Economy & Business Agility' is committed to the task of supporting executives on their way to a digital, networked economy.