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Christine Jacob

Christine Jacob, Egypt

M.Sc. IM is a great chance to learn and grow, the range and quality of available modules as well as the excellent teaching body makes the program an exciting and valuable experience; the practice oriented nature of this master allowed us to work in diverse groups formed of international students with different backgrounds and cultures, this interaction enriched our knowledge and helped us gain a lot of real life experiences. The applied research projects that we conducted in collaboration with different companies gave us a realistic exposure to the Business World.

I am very thankful to have had the chance to be part of such a program and learn from my very helpful and knowledgeable professors as well as from my colleagues that shared with me their unique experiences throughout our team works.

Michele Matt

Michele Matt

When I started with this programme, my expectations were very high, as I had abandoned my previous Master of Science programme after successfully passing one year. To be honest, against all odds, the Master of Science in International Management programme surpassed all my expectations – it has a clear focus but yet, offers a wide range of interesting modules, lecturers are given by renowned professors that encourage critical thinking and facilitate worthwhile class discussions, and gives the unique opportunity to do a “Dual-Degree” and experience the very international environment in Cambridge. Additionally, the multicultural class that permits increased creativity and a wider range of perspectives and solutions is very inspiring and increased significantly my cross-cultural awareness. Personally, I think this Master programme is very professional and unique, as it is the perfect fit of an innovative framework and highly qualified professors that meet young and talented students from all over the world.

Oliver Meister,
Dipl. Ing. FH Wirtschaftsingenieur, Swiss nationality, Age 34, Temleader specialist group, PostFinance

I have chosen Master of Science in International Management (MSc IM) over en eMBA after careful evaluation.

The idea of an multinational course – where only the best students can apply – right next door was very appealing to me. The world is visiting me!

Despite the diversity, we are even spending leasure time together on different occations.

The university has managed – impressing well – to bring together carefully selected professors and students into a challenging but friendly relationship.

Sure, to study part time isn't alwas fun. Nevertheless I can recommend MSc IM to every motivated person willing to walk the extra mile for personal and professional development.

Anouk Robert

Anouk Robert

I chose to undertake a Master in International Management at the FHNW to acquire strategic business understanding with a primary focus on current global marketing issues and cross-cultural consumer behavior. This course has the benefit of being industry-oriented and research-based. The program gave me the opportunity to work alongside students with various international backgrounds. A trip to Brazil to visit companies across major cities made me realize the intrinsic differences in business culture and consumer attitudes between mature and emerging market. This Master has not only been a great experience but I believe the program has also brought me considerable value both on a personal and professional level.

Adrian Schwaller

Adrian Schwaller

"Every discussion gets a colourful touch when people with different nationalities are involved. All of a sudden you begin to understand point of views that you would never have thought of. The MSc International Management programme will definitively broaden your horizon."

Karin Schächtele

Karin Schächtele, Switzerland

Added value
To study in English is a wonderful asset of this Master Programme.

What makes MSc IM unique …

… is that we are students from over 20 different nationalities in our Programme. I appreciate a lot to realize a research project for an international company with my wonderful team consisting of students from Egypt, Mongolia and Kazakhstan and have also made valuable experience in other international teams.

The study trip to Brazil, where we visited 14 companies in 4 different cities in 17 days was one of my greatest experiences.

Calijn Surink

International, projects, friends for life, culture, management, looking over the boarder

Being part of the International Management program makes you aware of becoming international and a well prepared manager in an international environment. You will get the opportunity to build up friendship all over the world and you will work on the most exiting projects.  The most interested experience I had was to deal with different people, with different habits and cultures, what makes you open minded, flexible and aware of taking these differences in account when you have to deal with all kind of people around the globe.     

With this master you will become not a citizen of your country but a citizen of the globe. 

Burger Swart

“The MSc IM program at FHNW has definitely helped me to make the most of my working experience, build on it, and take the next step in my career. The practical learning and real-world examples helped me to understand everyday business issues in more detail. Interactive learning is a focal point of the degree with constant debate and group work. By understanding the challenges faced in business, the MSc IM has given me the confidence to contribute valuable insight in a fast-paced team environment. I have also built life-long friendships and a network of future leaders, a priceless by-product of the MSc IM.”

Fabio Tommasini

I strongly recommend the Msc IM program to anyone who wants to understand, deal and succeed in a highly complex and fast changing world. The program will not only shape your global mindset, it invites you also to a small and exclusive international community in which you explicitly won’t only read books: a trip to Brazil and the possibility to spend one semester in the UK proof the focus on a practical, intercultural know-how. An excellent staff that is motivated and willing to support you also individually goes together with a broad range of elective modul from which you can chose what interests you the most. All this features make this program unique and a life-time experience which is an ideal qualification for an international career.

Andreas Wüthrich

Andreas Wüthrich

The MSc in International Managment offered me new perspectives on business. Due to its international student corps and its up-to-date study topics it clearly helped me to better understand the conjunction points in a globalised and increasingly complex world and to apply this knowledge not only in the numerous study projects but also in my daily professional life in a multinational corporation. The part-time programme allowed me to schedule my studies according to my needs. The friendships and the intercultural exchange with students from around the world strongly enhanced my skills and helped me to see the world in a much more differentiated way.

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