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Brasil ao vivo and South Africa Bambanani

The International Field Trips to Brazil (Brasil ao vivo) and South Africa (South Africa Live Bambanani) strengthen the students' awareness of diversity by developing a global mindset. Gaining an insight into various companies in emerging economies from different disciplinary perspectives (international economy, strategy, organisational development, IT management, communication and global marketing) adds a lot of value to the students' master track experience.

One of the critical steps in developing a global mindset is familiarity and comfort with non-home country settings. Understanding other countries’ economic, social, political and cultural systems and imprints is key.

Through a combination of a pre-departure session, company visits, group interviews with managers, cultural activities and an analytical paper at the end, the students are exposed to and have to reflect upon the realities of huge emerging economies.

The Brasil ao vivo Project (January 2016) and the South Africa Live Project (January 2017) open up opportunities for our students to see the world through the eyes of others. This is what a truly global mindset is all about.

The international immersion experiences in both Brazil and South Africa provide unique insights into a fascinating world marked by diversity.

The field trips aim at providing a connection between concepts and models learned in the classroom and the real world abroad.

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