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Methods of Teaching and Learning

The teaching is delivered by means of lectures, tutorials, workshops and projects. The class structure and teaching methods employed will be interactive in nature and class participation is actively encouraged. Learning will be facilitated by individual and group research, case study analysis, class discussions and small group work. Students are required to present their work both orally and in written format to complement the learning outcomes.

In addition, students undertake guided independent study by acting as a manager‘s shadow and collecting data regarding the manager‘s activities. There is an opportunity to research contemporary business issues in selected business sectors. Students will work in teams as ‘management consultancy firms‘ and present their findings.

The programme team organises various study visits to a number of international corporations. These close contacts with the corporate world aim at strengthening understanding of the workings of organisations which operate in the international arena.


Assessment of knowledge, understanding and key skills is effected either through a written assignment or portfolio, a presentation, an examination or any combination of these. These assessments can be submitted either as part of a group result or on an individual basis.

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