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      Campus Restaurant Brugg-Windisch is committed to reduce food waste

      SV Group at campus Brugg-Windisch has launched an action to counter food waste. Surplus food is sold at a reduced price in the afternoon.

      Food waste is a major problem of our society. In Switzerland, an estimated third of all groceries are thrown away. 5% of this waste accumulates in the gastronomy industry.

      The SV Group, which runs the campus restaurant of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland in Brugg-Windisch, wants to counter this negative trend. Since December, menus which are not sold during lunch are offered for 5 CHF after 3p.m. Salads are already available for 3 CHF. The "Do good" boxes, in which the surplus food is offered, are even microwaveable so that you can enjoy a warm meal in the afternoon, too.

      Food Waste Jovanka M.

      Jovanka Mummenthey, cook at campus Brugg-Windisch fills one of the "Do Good" boxes. (Photo: Karin Hüsler, SV Group)

      Leftover food can do good

      The demand for the cheap "Do good" food in December was still manageable. This was most likely the case because during the Christmas season, there are plenty of tangerines and nuts available as an afternoon snack. Currently, sales are going very well. Sometimes, people ask for the "Do good" boxes half an hour before the sale starts, says Karin Hüsler of the SV Group.

      do goodWhy would you throw away such appetizing food? (Photo: Karin Hüsler, SV Group)

      The success of the action can help raise awareness of the issue of food waste and promote sustainability in production and consumption. So the "Do good" boxes can really live up to their name.

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