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Institute of 4D Technologies

Management, processing and visualization of information from big data collections

The Institute of 4D Technologies is a multidisciplinary computer science institute. Our interdisciplinary approach is the key to tackle the challenges that nowadays come with growing data collections. Our aim is to generate more knowledge, more choice, and more personalization from big data and provide these results to the data users. We achieve this by combining computer science with the expertise from mathematicians, physicists, designers, architects, civil engineers, communication specialists and artists.

In three research fields – Data Analytics, Information Processing and Design & Technology – we apply our expert knowledge to the management, processing and visualization of information from big data collections.


Live Paper | Design & Technology
Project Live Paper DT

The dominant IT in financial advisory compromises the relation between the advisor and the client. With the key innovation Live Paper we develop an Augmented Reality environment that adds dynamic content by means of tabletop projection but remains in the background as calm technology. More...

Compressed Sensing for solar flares | Data Analytics
Project Compressed Sensing

The RHESSI satellite records solar flares, but with very little data. To restore how a flare originally looked like, image reconstruction algorithms are needed. We are actively developing such an algorithm, based on the Compressed Sensing technology. More...

TwinSearch | Information Processing
Project Compressed Sensing

TwinSearch is an app that enables you to find people who share the same appearance or character as you. For this purpose, we specially developed a face-matching algorithm which analyses similar looking people. More than 100 facial features can be analysed through this algorithm. More...