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Cadence® Academic Network

The IME is a member of the Cadence® Academic Network, an initiative of Cadence® Europe. With this network, Cadence® supports important European universities which use leading technologies and methods in education and research, and which build up competencies together with  industry and transfer knowledge.

The IME serves as “Lead institution for Design for Test”. Our ASIC-Designs and also the education are focussed to ready for production designs. Therefore we specify testability early in the project phase, and we use DFT-Tools and „ad hoc test structures“ in the ASICs – always with the goal of a high testability at reasonable test cost.


The IME use Cadence® Tools in the profile Microelectronics of the "bachelor curriculum "EIT", especially in the modules Analog Circuits 1 and 2 and in the Microelectronics Lab. In the Master curriculum (Master of Science in Engineering, MSE), the students use Cadence® Tools for practical work on research projects in analog and mixed-signal design.


Industry licenses allow the IME to cooperate with industry to transfer research results into products.

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