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Research and Development

Research projects at the IME aim at the constitution of new know-how at the university and the partner enterprises. We pass this know-how on to enterprises in development or consulting projects.
Application oriented research

We define "application oriented research" as the accumulation of new knowledge in collaboration with the industry, leading directly or indirectly to innovative products on the market. Key elements for these projects are:

  • Innovation as a significant part of the project: New properties of the product, new market, advanced manufacturing and/or technology, including a certain risk of failure.
  • Marketability: The industrial project partner and the product must have a chance to succeed in the marketplace.
Research focus and topics

The IME performs research in the following domains

Industry Service

We define our "Industry Services" as the application of existing knowledge together with and for the benefit of the industry for new or improved market products. Some of our typical industry services are:

  • Consulting and escorting industry partners during one or several project phases, for example specification, critical project stages, or with the analysis of emerging issues
  • Design of ASIC, Embedded systems or Communication and signal processing functions without research part
  • Training of project members from the industry, ideally during a real project

Application oriented research projects can benefit from public finance contributions. Our primary but not only financing partner is CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation)

Our industry services are covered by our customers at the going prices.

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