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Büro für Kommunikationsdesign, FHNW

The Büro für Kommunikationsdesign at the Academy of Art and Design (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland - FHNW) is a creative team comprising experts in strategic consultancy, graphic design, communication and visual identity as well as young graduates from the Institute of Visual Communication. Emerging from the tradition of the influential Basel School of Design, this internationally renowned Institution turns out outstanding young designers each year. This exceptional connection enables us in our projects to combine competence and experience with a fresh, contemporary spirit.

We specialise in the following disciplines:

  • Strategic consultancy: positioning, visual identity and branding
  • Corporate design: development and modernisation
  • Corporate and non-corporate communication: brochures, flyers, posters, customer and employee magazines, business reports, product and services brochures, newsletters
  • Image and advertising campaigns: image films and brochures, adverts, posters
  • Development of new imagery: concept design and photographic art direction
  • Website design: internet/intranet
  • Illustrations: trademarks, logos, pictograms, hand-drawn illustrations
  • Communication support in the field of arts and culture, e.g. exhibitions, events, trade fairs

Our clients include educational institutions, e.g. the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, its schools, academies and institutes, the University of Basel as well as cultural institutions, industrial and private companies.

We would be happy to advise:

T +41 61 228 42 55
Büro für Kommunikationsdesign
Freilager-Platz 1
CH - 4023 Basel