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    The philosophy of the Institute of Fashion Design is distinguishable within the Institute’s own name: Doing Fashion. Doing Fashion means to be involved and responsibly participate in the design of the present and the future. The Institute of Fashion Design Basel regards education as an investment in the future and culture/art/design as an indispensable means in the world to critically question the present. Doing Fashion encourages young talent to boldly break away from the conventional understanding of fashion, from its concepts of beauty and images of the body. The central focus of the teaching and learning is the development of a personal approach and expressive signature as fashion designer.

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     Bild oben: Stefanie Herbstrith, Larissa Keller, Barbara Stutz, 2nd BA year; model: Nina Grüninger; clothes: Evita Rigert, BA Graduate Designer  17; make-up: Martena Duss; workshop: Yasmina Haddad supported by Linda Dagli Orti and Swen Keller, Bild unten: Künstlerin Maria Loboda

    Inspired by Maria Loboda’s exhibition Havoc in the Heavenly Kingdom at Kunsthalle Basel 
(24 February–14 May 2017), third-year students from the Institute of Fashion Design, Academy of Art and Design, FHNW in Basel developed their own projects, which they will position directly in front of Loboda’s artworks in the galleries under the title Look Therapy – All Over Over All.


    Inspired by Lobada’s artworks as well as her way of working, the students’ contributions will be presented in a spatially -expansive, performative way. Playing with the double meaning of “Look,” which can signify a directed gaze can allude to the creation and enactment of an overall appearance, the students’ specially developed contributions to the exhibition entice the viewer to observe more closely.

    Taking a position vis-à-vis the performative and sketchy nature of Loboda’s design process.
Look Therapy – All Over Over All addresses many aspects of inspiration across the creative elds of art and design.

    2 PM artist’s talk with Maria Loboda (in German)

    In conclusion to the talk, Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler, docent in theory / concept & process and Prof. Priska Morger, creative director of the Institute of Fashion Design, pick up the threads and carry on the discussion from art to fashion. What connections discernible?

    3 PM presentation of  Look Therapy – All Over Over All

    The presentation, conceived as a performance fand “a liberating vision of growth, circulation, contemporary collaboration, and exchange,” features the performance artist Djana Covic and her artistic praxis of Avantgardening, invited to be the dramaturgical and strategic compass for the performative presentation of Look Therapy – All Over Over All.

    This plant-synthesizer-performance by Covic merges with the “sounding” footwear of Alex Murray-Leslie (member of Chicks on Speed,
an all-female group of musicians and artists),
is musically “pierced” by the analog synthesizer and turntable of the musician Papiro, and synchronized through sounds by Priska Morger. Avantgardening works with states and affects, lives by experiments and research, and is practiced with accomplices and, collaborators, which collectively allow sustained and eeting moments to emerge simultaneously.

    Contributions by third-year students, Institute of Fashion Design, Academy of Art and Design FHNW in Basel.

    Anja Bodenmann,Trample the Surface, floor covering 

    Nina Britschgi,Offcial Sponsor, poster

    Wendy Buck,Bon Ciel, accessory

    Hannah Campbell,Comfort in Skyscraper Heels, shoes

    Maya Christofori
Pyromaniac, overall, bag, and fabric samples

    Marion Ihly
Die beruhigende Möglichkeit zur De-Konstruktion, Foulard

    Nina JaunWE NATURE. WE INDUSTRIE.,act with collage

    Ronja Kösters
Silhouetten Portrait, poster

    Michèle MerzStay Royal, poster

    Lea MetzgerWar all over?, video

    Nadine MöckliA Conversation, poster and shoes

    Nina SavenbergNice Body you have, Body

    Julia Stöcklinlove issue, overall and poster

    Chiara Strozzega,Dirt for take away, overall, garbage, backpack, and grime

    Lina WidmerL’eau décadente, bag


    4 PM Launch ofDoing Fashion PaperNo. 6 (in German)

    In 2015, theDoing Fashion Paperpublication series received the Design Prize Switzerland 2015 / 16. The latest, sixth edition as well as the prize-winning editions no. 1–5 will be pre- sented by Andrea Sommer, editor in chief of Doing Fashion Paperand Priska Morger, creative director of the Institute of Fashion Design, complemented by a word from Kurt Zihlmann, head of the Institute of Fashion Design.

    TheLook Therapy – All Over Over All project is a cooperation of the Kunsthalle Basel and the Institute of Fashion Design, Academy of Art and Design, FHNW in Basel.


    This collaboration was initiated by Kunsthalle Basel’s education department team.

    Thanks to the team of Kunsthalle Basel with her director Elena Filipovic.

    With special thanks to Maria Loboda.

    Kindly supported by SIDF.EU. and Konnex GmbH, event technic.

    Team, Institute of Fashion Design, HGK / FHNW in Basel:Prof. Kurt Zihlmann: head of the Institute of Fashion Design, Prof. Priska Morger: creative direction, Evelyne Roth: docent, design / lead, cooperation project, Christine Rösch: guest docent, editing, presentation of the students’ works, Matthias Waldhart: academic staff, presentation forms / lead, presentation exhibition, Marlis Candinas: academic staff, design, Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler: docent, theory / concept & process, Andrea Sommer: docent, visual communication / editor in chiefDoing Fashion Paper, Linda Dagli Orti: academic assistant, video, Swen Keller: academic assistant, photography, François Schaffter: docent / cut and realization, Jacqueline Brechbühl: docent / material handling, Therese Baumann: studio supervision, Carolina de Giacinto: studio support, Danielle Dreier: docent, accessories / lead communication, Monika Dujmovic: intern, communication, Julia Sommerfeld: academic assistant, creative direction , Fréderique Janthur Custers: head, administration, Martina Paternostro: intern, administration

    Avantgardener Performers: Djana Covic: Avantgardeningconcept, plant-synthesizer soundscapeing, Priska Morger: soundscaping theremin and bass guitar, Marco Papiro: Pierced on analog synthesizer and turntable, Alexandra Murray-Leslie: performing high heeled shoe guitar and computer enhanced foot appendages, Nico de Rooij: soundscape, Manon Criblez, Matthias Waldhart, Jonas Schneider, Lisa Preisle, Yanik Soland joint & reconstruct boundaries action,

    Doing Fashion Paper: Priska Morger: creative direction, Andrea Sommer: editor in chief, Kurt Zihlmann: head of the Institute of Fashion, Swen Keller: editor, Jiri Oplatek: art direction (Claudiabasel),

    Doing Fashion Paper Installation: Andrea Sommer, Manon Criblez (alumnus), Melvin Zöller (alumnus)

    Pastry Catering:UNDSIE: tasting the Six Doing Fashion Papers through the fabulous pastry treats of UNDSIE (Doing Fashion aAlumni Nadine Michelle Scherer and Samuel Dober)

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