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      Doing Fashion Paper No. 6

      The DOING FASHION PAPER is deliberately offering an alternative to commercial and conventional fashion media. Essentially, it wishes to INSPIRE, NOT TO SELL PRODUCTS.

      Doing Fashion Paper No. 6


      Doing Fashion Paper No.6 nicht offen

      Doing Fashion paper no.6 offen


      Look Therapy- An Alternative Product Catalogue | Andrea Sommer | Editor-in-chief
      Before using this product please read these instructions carefully. They provide important advice regarding use, care and purpose of the Doing Fashion Paper No. 6. 
      Please note that the depicted products don’t have to fullfil an obvious functionality. They intend to initiate insistently the discussion about products that are as inventive as possible and about the process of their creation. The focus is on emotional, social as well as aesthetic potentials. Utopian products—things that cannot be realized yet, that are not needed yet or things, which solely act as a comment on commercial fashion products—are to be supported just as much as the examination of what product offers a designer considers as necessary and wants to produce in the future. 

      Caution: The studies at the Institute of Fashion Design do not in the first place intend to empower the students to fabricate trousers, blouses and garments, but to develop an individual attitude within the system of fashion, which manifests itself holistically in the action and its imparting. An example of a valuable by- (or still main?) product is the Living Archive, containing full workbooks with completed and uncompleted ideas—an invaluable store of creativity and experiences or also the network of fellow students, lecturers, guest lecturers, providers, producers and other collaborators.

      The title Look Therapy plays with the double meaning of the word look: on one hand, the look as a movement of the eyes: objects, incidents, atmospheres, that are capable of changing the view on something, of provoking a second glance or tempting to pause and take a closer look. On the other hand, the look as a holistic appearance, which becomes the playground for identity and identification through the conscious or unconscious choice and combination of clothing, accessories, styling and make-up.

      With this in mind, the displayed products act at the same time as an invitation to decelerate and understand and as (real and fictitious) suggestions for a passionate approach to shaping the outward appearance.

      In case one of the products especially arouses your curiosity, you consider buying it, you would like to know more about it and/or support the author financially, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will pass on your question immediately.

      Keep this product carefully and take it out in special times of leisure. Its purpose is to inspire and to awaken the joy of a personal doing fashion practice—in this respect it functions as an accessory and can be carried along elegantly like a clutch bag—especially when participating in events where you are likely to be bored.

      Worn-out Papers can be returned anytime to the Institute of Fashion Design to be recycled.
      Reactions, advices and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Please get into conversation with us!

      But we hope this product will be a sight for your sore eyes…


      creative direction PRISKA MORGER
      editor-in-chief ANDREA SOMMER
      editor SWEN KELLER
      graphic design JIRI OPLATEK, CLAUDIABASEL
      Translation: LAURA FUCHS
      administration KURT ZIHLMANN
      ©2017 by Institute of Fashion Design, Academy of Art and Design, FHNW in Basel

      Thanks to all the contributors – students, former students, team members and to all the collaborators from
      the Mittwochsplattform for researching, inspiring and developing many precious ideas.


      Spass de Luxe - A Call to Action – DOING FASHION PAPER NO.6  hier.




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