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Bachelor of Arts

Digitization, networks, the “Image Flood”– visual information with different effects, is omnipresent in our world today. The Basel Visual Communication Institute, with its tradition of craftsmanship and artistic quality in Graphic Design, Typography and Photography, works within what has become a complex field for those seeking a profession of image making in the broadest sense.  At the center of the Visual Communication Institute’s bachelor program is the creation of visual messages, using the entire range of interactive information products; from Print, Video, CD-ROM and the Internet, to Exhibition Design and more. The goal, communication through intentional and conscientious use of images, necessitates technical, manual, artistic and analytical skills.  

After two semesters in our foundation program, students choose an area of specialization: Interaction, Imagery or Typography. Augmenting the next four semesters of specialization are four thematic courses: Imagination, Identity, Information and Intervention, which are key issues of visual communication and design. The Institute continues not only to build upon the influential tradition of "The Basel School of Design," but complements it with today’s academic perspective and standards.

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