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Studying in Basel

Arts + Design

Without a doubt, Basel is home to one of the richest cultural centers for the arts within Europe. Within it's 37 square kilometers, nearly fourty museums can be found. In addition and most relevant for your studies, are the Vitra Design Museum, the expansive collection of original posters available at the Basel Plakatsammlung (Poster Archive) and the Museum of Design Zürich located an hour away by train. At the beginning of each summer, the world's premier international art show for Modern and contemporary works, Art Basel, takes the city by surprise. In addition to housing the Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel is both the home base and playground for a handful of world-renowned architects.

Cultural Events

Spring is met with a surprising side of the Swiss as they fit themselves with costumes, masks and instruments for 72 hours of Carnival, known as Fasnacht. The largest of its type in Switzerland, the festivities begin when all of the city lights are turned off at precisely 4:00am on the monday following Ash Wednesday. Throughout the summer a popular way to stay cool is to grab an orange fish shaped drybag and take a swim (float) down the Rhine River which flows directly through the center of the city. In the fall and winter one can look forward to Herbstmesse/Weihnachtsmarkt(Autumn Fair/Christmas Market) for traditional foods and crafts spread across the city. All through the year, one can also find a wide range of art, film and especially music festivals.


Centrally located, Switzerland connects both northern and sourthern parts of Western Europe through its mountainous Alp region. Situated in the north-west of Switzerland, Basel borders both Germany and France, providing ample opportunity for diverse short-distance travel. By bike one can easily pull the travelers trifecta, making it between all three countries in less than an half-hour. Distant travel is made easy with train stations going directly into neighboring countries as well as a local airport offering cheap flights to 60+ destinations. Together with an extensive Swiss Railway system, offering many discounts based on age and location, ones study in Basel will benefit greatly from the wide range of culture found throughout it's many surroundings.

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