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Symposium 100 years of Emil Ruder 2014

Symposium with Juan Jésus Arrausi, Barcelona, Lukas Hartmann, Basel, Richard Hollis, London, Lars Müller, Zurich, Michael Renner, Basel, Ludovic Balland, Basel, and Helmut Schmid, Osaka.

Honoring Emil Ruder, and to position his work and influence both historically as well as to trace it into the present day, The Basel School of Design and the Visual Communication Institute HGK FHNW present a full-day symposium, collaborating with the syndicom union, the Swiss Typographic Magazine and the professional association of Swiss Graphic Designers. The Basel Poster Collection will frame the event with an exhibition.


Place & Date V Lecture hall / Exhibition room, Basel School of Design auf der Lyss, Basel, 19 September 2014

Basel School of Design, Visual Communication Institute HGK FHNW, syndicom union, Swiss Typographic Magazine, professional association of Swiss Graphic Designers


arrausi.jpgJuan Arrausi:Communicating with rigor and sensitivity






Lukas Hartmann:Emil Ruder - Seine Typografie und seine Philosophie in den Typografischen Monatsblättern





Richard Hollis:Emil Ruder - His time and place in history





mueller.jpgLars Müller:Die Höhen des Juras





balland.jpgLudovic Balland:Typografie als System - Typografie als Text - Typografie als Bild





renner.jpgMichael Renner: Emil Ruder im Spiegel der aktuellen Herausforderungen der visuellen Kommunikation





schmid.jpgHelmut Schmid: danke Emil Ruder

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