2010/2011: A Reader

    This fall's lecture series "A Reader" tries to shed some light on what lies beneath the finished product, may it be a book, poster, film, or a piece of art. By highlighting the passion and hobbies of graphic and type designer and people from fields not directly related to design, such as a collector of artists' books, "A Reader" wants to reveal the process which leads to design, or even what leads to the process itself.
    "A Reader" does not want to talk about graphic design, but 'something' a bit off, which still might be connected to our practice. This lecture series doesn't intend to show off finished works, instead tries to give more information on what could be the reason for these works. Therefore this lecture series is not a lookbook, it is a reader. "A Reader" is organized by Fabian Harb, Lorenz Peter and Dan Solbach, students of Visual Communication, Basel School of Design.


    "Become a Microscope"

    onestar press

    Radim Peško

    Bart de Baets

    Alexis Zavialoff


    Marco Papiro

    Sam de Groot

    Markus Dreßen

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