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Course structure

Students with a design-oriented Bachelor’s degree deepen their practical design capabilities and supplement them with theoretical and scientific insights.

In the Master’s program, graduates with Bachelor's degrees from a design-oriented university for design and art work on complex design issues in the field of visual communication. They develop their practical design skills further and deepen them through courses in iconic theory and iconic research. They learn about the methods of scientific work, expand their vocabulary for discourse on visual messages and acquire theoretical competence through participation on project teams in close collaboration with students who have a theoretical educational background.

Goals for Students with a Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • Intensive experience with reflective design processes and methods in the context of complex projects
  • Augmented theoretical-analytical skills through knowledge acquisition in the field of iconic- and media theory 
  • Increased aptitude for the methods of scholarship 
  • Theoretically supported, practical research experience (inquiry by design) in iconic and design research
  • Heightened facility for the discussion of images

Students with a theoretically oriented Bachelor’s degree from a university broaden their previous education in image theory and the media sciences and complement it with practical experience in design process and design research.

Students who have a Bachelor’s degree in cultural studies develop conceptual and strategic skills for the use of images in communication. They learn about practical design processes and acquire the ability to evaluate design results analytically. With their expanded knowledge of the theory and practice of visual communication they can develop their own research hypotheses. In addition to dealing with the theory of images and media, students with a theoretical background gain broad practical experience via close cooperation on interdisciplinary project teams.

Goals for Students with a Bachelor of Arts

  • Expanded theoretical knowledge in the field of iconic- and media theory
  • Thorough practical knowledge of the conception and planning of visual messages
  • Refined skills in the analysis of design processes as they occur, and the related capacity for judging communicative images
  • Increased aptitude for the methods of scholarship in the context of iconic- and design research
  • Heightened facility for the discussion of images
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