Poster Design

Poster Design
What the requirements are for a successful poster design is an on-going theme of discussion. It must be readable from far away and close-up, attract curiosity, be informative and communicate an idea. A poster is a large 2-dimensional surface with a fascinating illusion of space and perspective. Its design, depending on the content has to comply with many factors such as the concept, an existing corporate identity, recognizability, readability originality, and of course artistic expression. But,
Leander Eisenmann
Leander Eisenmann, 1968, was born in a village near Lucerne. He left school in order to study design at the School of Design Lucerne and later at the School of Design Basel, where he received his degree in Graphic Design in 1991. He then moved to Germany to work at the Siemens Design Center and after that for Rolf Mueller in Munich. After four years he returned to Zurich to study in the Advanced Class for Fine Arts and received his degree from the School of Design Zurich. At the same time, he b
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