Poster Design

What the requirements are for a successful poster design is an on-going theme of discussion. It must be readable from far away and close-up, attract curiosity, be informative and communicate an idea. A poster is a large 2-dimensional surface with a fascinating illusion of space and perspective. Its design, depending on the content has to comply with many factors such as the concept, an existing corporate identity, recognizability, readability originality, and of course artistic expression. But, how can a poster function under all these demands? What is design quality? What demands are put on the designer? Does the informational content, on the one hand, and the medium of print, on the other hand, require a different approach to finding design solutions? How many design possibilities are there and which is the right one? How do you achieve an optimal result? Can the design process in turn have an influence on the content message? In the workshop we will analyze and question the approaches necessary for a dynamic, contextually correct and aesthetically successful poster design. We will analyze our working processes and, maybe you will even surprise yourself by the results!

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