Time: Designed

Imagine you are walking down a street and stop to observe a poster. At the first moment you “take in” the poster in its totality. After, your eyes begin to explore, studying the two dimensional space, the text-image relationships and the symbolic meaning of the content and design. Now, imagine seeing the poster in a linear way, as a “movie”. It would be a completely different experience, as you are led and directed by the designer’s decision as to what is seen first, then next and next and next. One after another the images evolve into a “story”. Both poster design and time-based design work by knowledge of the concepts behind the construction of each dimension.This workshop explores the fundamental properties of motion perception, designing in time, image mixing, rhythm and how this affects design composition.Letterform,word,image and sound are the material of the workshop. Instead of using motion software programs, we have created our own tools for a fluid and “playful” interaction between analogue and digital design. This both intuitive and intentional design process is a tool in itself with which you can use and build upon. As digitally enhanced surroundings continue to grow, the design of time will be an essential skill for the creative field.

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