Type Design

Letterforms are captivating. They help create stories and pictures in your mind when you read. Through letterforms we access and retrieve important information at any time. And, we experience the world differently through them. Letterforms can function extremely small and enormously large. With letterforms texts are type set and pictures «painted». Typographic characters have a rich and various spectrum of forms. In past centuries letterforms were a part of major art movements; later, in the 19th Century they became more fashionable and stylistic. Today the most comprehensive encyclopedia of typefaces is the website MyFonts, which contains over 62,000 fonts. And, this is only a part of existing typefaces worldwide. Why do we still continue to develop new typefaces? The workshop will show that it is in the detail of each letterform that its character lies. Our concentration in the workshop will focus on a number of type signs with regard to a concept based on three type characteristics (e.g. weights, styles, curve qualities...). The interaction of drawing by hand and further development on the computer allows for a differentiated, and perhaps new, awareness and appreciation for type forms!

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