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Admission and application

You can apply up until the end of May of the academic year in question (german only):

BSc Anmeldeformular Cover

Send the completed form together with copies of your educational certificates (no originals) to:

School of Life Sciences FHNW
Student Administration
Gründenstrasse 40
4132 Muttenz

Terms of admission
Individuals with a professional baccalaureate or a high school baccalaureate with work experience in the intended professional field can apply without sitting an examination. Foreign students must provide evidence of an equivalent qualification. Overview of the terms of admission (german only).

Individuals who have completed a technical or scientific apprenticeship without a baccalaureate can sit an entrance examination  in 2013 (date will be published as soon as possible).

The programme is entirely in German. Students who want to undertake the BSc programme need adequate skills in German (level B2, Goethe Institute).

Work experience
The School of Life Sciences FHNW does not offer any traineeships. If you wish to undertake work experience, you should contact companies that operate in the relevant professional fields. You can find an overview of companies here.

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