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Innovative platform

Niche products for prevention and therapy of deseases, which has been developed on an innovative platform for in-vitro diagnostics with academical and industrial partners.

Early, reliable diagnosis is a crucial factor in preventing and treating diseases. A pioneering development in this area is the innovative platform developed by partners at the School of Life Sciences University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, University Hospital Basel and Bühlmann Laboratories AG. The platform enables new test kits to be developed in the field of bioanalysis for use in in-vitro diagnostics. The new platform can be used to design integrated processes, from the gene to the gene product, and then use these for developing test systems. All disease-related molecules - DNA, RNAs, proteins and metabolites - are available as potential markers for in-vitro diagnostics.

innovative platform


Four test kits with recombinant enzymes and antibodies as key reagents have emerged to date from the partnership between academia and the private sector. The goal is to use these for the in vitro diagnosis of important diseases and drug abuse. The estimated sales volume per product is in the order of CHF 2 million. The test systems are able to detect Liquid Ecstasy (drug abuse), MeTIQ in connection with Parkinson's disease, oxidized DNA in the context of oxidative stress and cancers, as well as vitamin B6 for confirming signs of deficiency. The market launch is scheduled for the end of 2010.

For further information please contat Prof. Dr. Daniel Gygax.