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Resource Management and Cleaner Production

Sustainable resource management

The term "sustainable resource management" links the four concepts Cleaner Production, Resource Management, Environmental Life Cycle Assessments and the cooperation with emerging and developing countries.

Suistanable Resource Management

Our group's competencies enable us to analyse sustainability, resources and their management in relation to each other. Sustainability includes ecological and economical aspects as well as social justice. Our vision is to use resources such as energy, water, raw materials and also waste in way as to minimise the effects on the ecosystem, while at the same time considering social and economical requirements. Management at corporate level or in strategic resource utilisation comprises planning, implementing, supervising and adjusting measures for the good of the company, society as a whole and all stakeholders involved – this by optimally using the available natural and corporate resources. Our guiding principle is preventive environmental protection, which we strive to implement at corporate, municipal and government level in national and international projects.

Cleaner Production

Eco-efficiency in the industrial and service sector

Waste and resource management

From waste to resource management

Life Cycle Analyses

Life cycle assessments as an instrument for implementing a sustainable resource management

Cooperation with emerging and developing countries

Knowledge transfer in applied sciences and further education