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Institute for Ecopreneurship

The Institute for Ecopreneurship is engaged on a national as well as international level. Process engineering and optimisation as well as management concepts for ecologically efficient industrial production are at the core of our research and service offerings. In the areas of environmental protection and advancement of ecological efficiency, preventive measures and innovative environmental and biotechnological processes for emission reduction (e.g. micropollutants and nanoparticles in sewage water) and optimised resource management methods are developed.

Our strengths are solid, professional know-how and the development and implementation of practical solutions. The research field of ecotoxicology investigates the influence of environmentally hazardous substances. We are a competent research and development partner for the industry as well as national, cantonal and municipal authorities. The industry experience of our staff results not only in innovative research, but is also integrated in the teaching program.

You can find an overview on our competencies and infrastructure in our flyer.

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