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Research and Development

In the context of applied research and development, the close cooperation between the School of Life Sciences FHNW and regional, national as well as international commercial enterprises facilitates access of public institutions to state-of-the-art research results and the transforming of ideas into practice-oriented products and processes.

Our research and development is interdisciplinary and focuses on these three research areas:

  • Molecular Technologies: technologies for the analysis and synthesis of active substances and biological systems
  • Therapeutic Technologies: technologies for the development and production of pharmaceutical products and medical devices in an environment-compliant way
  • Environmental Management: holistic environmental management for the sustainable use of resources and the conservation of an environment worth living in

Interdisciplinarity means that life science-related areas are mapped in all of our four institutes (Chemistry and Bioanalytics , Ecopreneurship , Medical and Analytical Technologies and Pharma Technology). Our faculty members are from the academic disciplines of chemistry, biology, pharmaceutics, physics and engineering. They work on projects in the research fields of our institutes.

Forms of collaboration

Together with you, we realise application-oriented, scientific research projects that, under certain circumstances, may be supported by government research funding programmes (e.g. CTI, SNF, EU, FOEN) or by foundations.


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