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Technology Transfer

To us, knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) means the linking of academia, research and services, with the objective of transferring existing and new knowledge into practice in the form of concepts, processes, products and systems. For this goal, we jointly conduct research and development activities in close cooperation with other universities, companies as well as national and international research communities. We are a competent partner for companies, irrespective of whether they have their own research & development department.

Potential areas of cooperation

  • Development of products or services
  • Engineering, process evaluation and development
  • Analyses, research and experiments
  • Feasibility studies and conceptual works
  • Training and coaching

Forms of cooperation

  • Research and development projects
  • Services and contract projects
  • Project works and diploma theses
  • Long-term collaboration

Under certain conditions, such research and development projects may be supported by government research funding programmes (e.g. FOEN, CTI, SNSF, EU) or by foundations. Such an endowment stipulates the details of the cooperation, the rights and obligations of the partners and the use of the results.


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