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      Research and Development

      Research is fundamental for higher education institutions: application-oriented research and development occupies a central position at the FHNW. We conduct research with business and industrial partners in Switzerland and abroad.

      FHNW, the University of Basel, the Paul Scherrer Institute and the Friedrich Miescher Institute collaborated to launch the «Integral Product Development» project. This project is to generate services and consultancies in the realm of application-oriented research and development and to position the FHNW as a knowledge transfer platform between schools of higher education, business and society.

      Although most of the articles are in german, you can get an overview over the research activities at the FHNW in the project database.


      Prof. Dr. Heinz Schüpbach
      Director FHNW School of Applied Psychology

      Riggenbachstrasse 16
      4600 Olten

      T +41 62 957 24 21

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