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Institute for Social Planning, Organisational Change and Urban Development

The Institute for Social Planning, Organisational Change and Urban Development develops and disseminates theoretically and empirically grounded practical knowledge in the areas of social planning, change management, and urban development.

Social change brackets these three thematic areas. Change is both integral to these areas and constitutes the key challenge for each. We investigate change, offer advice on how it might be shaped, and bring relevant knowledge to educational processes. Staff members teach on the BA / MA Social Work modules and the state-certified continuing education programmes on Social Planning, Urban Development, and Change. They also teach at the Universities of Basel, Zurich, and Lausanne and on the MA Community Development at the University of Applied Sciences Munich.

Urban development: Cities are centres of economic development and at the same time focal points of socio-economic and cultural polarisation. Our work focuses on explaining such change, discussing strategies for sustainable urban and urban district development, and devising scenarios especially mindful of the social dimension.

Change: Within the field of organisational change, our Institute offers a range of specialised research and continuing education opportunities focused on meso- or team-level organisational change. We facilitate change processes in organisations, develop appropriate concepts, and  support working teams in managing change projects.

Social planning: In the area of social planning, we undertake the planning of needs, concepts, provision, and programmes. Employing proven statistical and empirical procedures, we conduct needs analyses and define geographical catchment areas and concepts for relevant provision.  We formulate measures and identify outreach services for the implementation of such concepts.

Head of Institute

Prof. Dr. Matthias Drilling 
T +41 61 337 27 12

Institute Office
Karin Lundsgaard Schaller
Tel +41 61 337 27 68


Eliane Studer
Tel. +41 61 337 27 25


Anke Rupp 

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