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Centre for Social Work Studies

The Centre for Social Work Studies develops, plans, organises, delivers, and evaluates the BA and MA Social Work degree courses offered at the FHNW School of Social Work.

Based jointly at our Basel and Olten campuses, the Centre comprises the head of the BA Social Work (Prof. Dr. Barbara Fäh), the head of the MA Social Work (Prof. Dr. Daniel Gredig), our BA-education administration (Fabienne Geiger), the MA-education administration (Subanky Pushparajah) and our specialist units and education administration staff.

Our specialist units develop and disseminate teaching and learning methods fundamentals, provide e-learning assistance to staff and students, and are responsible for quality-assurance measures and course evaluation. Staff advise domestic and international staff and students on all issues related to working and studying at the FHNW School of Social Work. They also develop and promote contacts with organisations based in the field. 

The Centre for Social Work Studies comprises the following specialist units:

  • Competency Research and Didactics

  • Field Training and Knowledge Integration

  • Admissions and Course Guidance 

Based at our Basel and Olten campuses, our education administration staff are responsible for all student administration issues. Staff members ensure smooth administrative procedures from immatriculation to graduation and assist teaching staff.

Our Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are based firmly on the FHNW School of Social Work competency profile. They are strictly modular, research-based, and application-oriented.

Prof. Dr. Barbara Fäh
T +41 62 957 21 64 and T +41 61 337 27 05

Prof. Dr. Daniel Gredig
T +41 62 957 20 64

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