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      BSc Computer Science - International Track

      The International Track allows you to study in English, the language of the computer science industry. Subjects include Programming, Software Engineering, Software Product Management, Computer Graphics and many more.

      Campus Brugg-Windisch: studying Computer Science with a global perspective

      The International Track in Computer Science covers a range of courses to an extent of 110 credits, in all semesters at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels.


      Modules and Curriculum

      - All modules and description

      - Curriculum


      Gain an additional diploma on the International Track
      60 credits from English-taught modules entitle you to an additional diploma (dt. Zusatzzertifikat). Furthermore, an international exchange semester will be fully credited to the international track, given an agreement with the head of the Computer Science degree program.

      Thanks to the unique Project Track at the FHNW, international students have the opportunity to engage in semester-long project work with customer mandates from local Swiss industry and international companies. This programme will prepare you to successfully launch your IT career in an international setting.

      Develop the language and intercultural competence that employers demand
      Language excellence and intercultural competence play a key role in today's hyper-competitive world. Studying together with international exchange students, you face the challenges and opportunities which this situation can create.

      It enables you to:

      • develop greater awareness of intercultural issues
      • learn to function effectively in multicultural contexts
      • significantly improve your English communication skills

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