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      Seminar week with Damian Conway

      A well-known member of the international Perl community, Damian Conway first came to prominence as the winner of the 1998, 1999, and 2000 Larry Wall Awards for Practical Utility. The best technical paper at the annual Perl Conference was subsequently named in his honour. He has been a member of the technical committee for The Perl Conference and a columnist for former "The Perl Journal".

      Between 2001 and 2010 he was also an Adjunct Associate Professor with the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia. He currently runs an international IT training company – Thoughtstream – that provides programmer training from beginner to masterclass level throughout Europe, North America, and Australasia.

      Damian Conway is not only an IT expert but also an excellent speaker and fantastic presenter. He knows how to entertain as well as enlighten. You can have the pleasure of enjoying his skills by attending the following public course as well as the seminars:

      Monday, 08.05.2017, 18.15 - 19.30
      Public course: «On the Shoulders of Giants: 400 Years of Perl 6»

      Dr Damian Conway (one of the core designers of Perl 6) will demonstrate some of the language’s most useful, convenient, efficient, and just-plain-scary new features, by tracing the entire history of modern computing: from the heroine of Regency Era number theory, to the boffin whose crazy theory won the war, to the champions of free-love non-determinism in the psychedelic ’60s, to the sub rosa inventor of modern encryption, to the enigmatic rōshis of declarative quantum computation. More...

      Free entry
      Campus Brugg-Windisch, Gebäude 3, Aula 3.-111, Klosterzelgstrasse 2, 5210 Windisch


      Course language: English
      Place: Campus Brugg-Windisch, Bahnhofstr. 6, 5210 Windisch
      Costs (including lunch):
       -Standard: CHF 700.-/course
       -FHNW employess: CHF 440.-/course
       -FHNW and ETHZ students: CHF 100.-/course
      Registration open until April 28, 2017

      • Monday, 08.05.2017, 8.45 - 16.45
        Presentation Aikido 

        The class explains the core principles of good technical presentation: selecting the right format and content, preparing your dialogue, designing your visuals, delivering your speech, handling audience questions, and making sure your slides don't ruin your talk. More...

      • Tuesday, 09.05.2017, 8.45 - 16.45
        Understanding Regular Expressions for Bioinformatics

        This class demonstrates how bioinformatics programmers (and all other types of programmers as well) can make use of their existing software development skills to construct correct and efficient regexes...without selling their souls or losing their minds along the way. More...

      • Wednesday, 10.05.2017, 8.45 - 16.45
        Thinking Functionally

        In this class Damian will explain how functional programming really works (it's actually very simple to understand and not scary at all), using a series of practical examples written in Perl 5. Then he will show how to recreate those same practical examples in Perl 6, and demonstrate how the new Perl language can make pure functional programs easier to write, easier to read, and more efficient as well. More...

      • Friday, 12.05.2017, 8.45 - 16.45
        The Productive Programmer

        This course explores how Damian Conway - one of the most prolific contributers to the Perl community and to the CPAN - manages to be so productive. It examines the environment, command-line utilities, and window management tools that help to dramatically improve his work-flow. At a deeper level this course is about laterally re-thinking your workspace, getting you out of your existing ruts, and helping you custom-tailor more efficient ways of interacting with, and automating, your own development environment - whatever it happens to be. More...

      • Saturday, 13.05.2017, 8.45 - 16.45
        Presentation Ninjutsu

        As a follow-up to the «Presentation Aikido» class Damian delves even deeper into the art and science of presentation, revealing subtle, unexpected, often invisible techniques that can lift your presentations from «great» to «extraordinary» . More...


      Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Schmid
      Hochschule für Technik FHNW

      Film section from the Seminar «Regular Expression»

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