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Workflow Management Systems and Service-oriented Architecture

The aim of the module is to provide state-of-the-art knowledge about IT-Tools supporting various business process types (system-, people-, knowledge- and document-intensive processes) in a company.

On successful completion of this module the student will have an overview about the Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) vendor landscape, BPMS trends for the next years and in-depth knowledge for designing the proper IT-support for BPM.

Specific attention in this module will be given to the concept of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) for realising the vision of a real-time-enterprise and the interaction between BPM and SOA. In case studies the participants will deal with the assessment of various tools as well as the adequate tool support for various process types based on typical business requirements.


Core Course

Should be visited: FT: 3rd
PT: 3rd
Academic Module Coordinator Prof. Dr. Rainer Telesko
Lecturers Prof. Dr. Rainer Telesko, Prof. Dr. Axel Uhl, Prof. Dr. Uwe Leimstoll

Fundamental knowledge of BPM principles and Software Engineering

Overall hours Contact hours: 60 h
Self-Study: 120 h
Outline Content
  • What is Business/IT-Aligment? (IT adequately supporting the business goals and strategy)
  • Classification of business processes (integration-, people-, decision- and document-intensive)
  • Use Cases for Business Process Management (Documentation, Compliance, …)
  • Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) vendor landscape (incl. IT-vendor presentations)
  • Software for executing Business Processes
    • Workflow Systems
    • Enterprise Service-oriented Architectures (SOA)
    • Groupware
  • Guidelines for selecting the right software
Teaching and Learning Methods The module is taught through plenary lectures and plenary/group workshops, including case studies, documentaries and presentations. In addition, students undertake guided independent study throughout. Class participation is actively encouraged.

In the plenary lectures students are required to orally present results of guided self study or repetition of previous lecture.
Indicative Learning Resources
  • Michael Rosen, Marc J. Balcer, Kevin T. Smith, Boris Lublinsky: Applied SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture and Design Strategies, Wiley & Sons, 2008, ISBN: 978-0470223659
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