Project 2: Practice-oriented Research

In this research project students deal with a concrete, practically relevant research topic in the area of business information systems. The project offers the students the possibility to familiarise themselves with and focus on a topic of their interest. The result is a proposal for the master thesis.


Core Course

Should be visited: FT: 2nd
PT: 4th
Academic Module Coordinator Prof. Dr. Knut Hinkelmann

Diverse lecturers as supervisors
Prof. Dr. Alta van der Merwe (workshop)

Pre-requisites Project 1: Applying Research Methodologies
Overall hours Contact hours: 15h
Self-Study: 165 h

In the project the students compile a proposal for their master thesis. During this project the students define the thesis statement of their master thesis, review the literature to concretize their thesis statement and research questions and determine the research methodology which is appropriate to to do the research.

It is also possible to do a self-contained research project either individually or in pairs in which case the application of the research methodology is part of the research.

The concrete topic and objective is agreed upon between student and supervisor at the beginning of the project.

An overview of current project proposals can be found at: Research Projects.

Teaching and Learning Methods

In a two-day workshop the students are supported in setting up the project, phrasing the thesis statement, doing a literature review and specifying the research methodology.

The project is supervised by a tutor who gives individual support with respect to the specific topic.

Indicative Learning Resources Introductory reading material is given by the supervisor.
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