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ECODATA: Exhibition + Online Conference

The SNSF-research project Ecodata–Ecomedia–Ecoaesthetics celebrates its closing phase in Riga. From October 8-10, 2020, the project partner RIXC Art Science Center dedicates its annual festival to ECODATA. This cooperation and festival edition aim to reveal a web of connections that interweaves biological, social and techno-scientific systems, living and digital data, artistic and scientific approaches.

The ECODATA exhibition features the research project’s output as well as 20 artworks by international artists. All of them are engaged with exploring the 'ecosystematic' perspective. All of them use techno-scientific tools, methods and data. And all of them try to create new aesthetic approaches to tackle the challenges of our time and to envision the future of 'terrestrial co-existence'.

The RIXC festival and ECODATA exhibition program opens with a keynote by Yvonne Volkart and the presentations by the artist-researchers Marcus Maeder and Rasa Smite. It is continued by an in-depth- discussion on art and science collaboration involving the project partners and scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL. This opening program will be followed by the two-day Open Fields conference with participation of 40 speakers from all over the world, and more than 100 of online audience.

The conference will be held by zoom, and all festival events will be streamed live simultaneously via YouTube. This year the RIXC Riga-Online conference and festival offers free registration. The YouTube stream will be available via the festival website, while the zoom link will be provided via e-mail after registration.

The team of Ecodata-Ecomedia-Ecoaesthetics is Yvonne Volkart (lead), Marcus Maeder, Rasa Smite and Aline Veillat, Institute of Aesthetic Practice and Theory IAeP.

More info about the project here.

Datum und Zeit

08.10.2020 - 17.11.2020 iCal


Exhibition: Riga, October 8 – November 17, 2020
The National Library of Latvia / Exhibition Hall, and RIXC gallery in Riga, Latvia
Online Conference October 8–10, 2020
RIXC Art Science Festival 2020

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