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Discovering and Comparing Methods in Image Research

What interests does a psychoanalyst have in an image? Why are images relevant to research in ethnology? What is the research purpose of empirical aesthetics? Which different approaches to the image does art history propose?

The Research Colloquium of the Institute of Visual Communicationwill present and discuss research methods from various disciplines relating to the medium of the image. Guests from different research disciplines are invited to each event to illustrate how they work with images in their research field. 
How is knowledge gained from the image? What is the aim of the specific image research field? From which perspective is the image viewed? Such questions are the focus of the presentations and the subsequent open discussions will relate the different approaches to the practices that are used in our practice-based research and our academy.

19 February – Dr. Aylin Tschoepe – Ethnological Methods Working with Images
21 May Dr. Elisa Mekler – Images in Empirical Aesthetics
4 June Toni Hildebrandt – Close Reading in Art History
18 June – Closing Discussion

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For further information please contact Claire Reymond

Claire Reymond Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Telefon : +41 61 228 41 71 (Direkt)

Datum und Zeit

19.02.2019 14:00 - 19.06.2019 16:30 iCal


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