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Forschungsseminar Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Florian Wangenheim

Digital therapies – what makes them effective? Prof. Dr. Florian Wangenheim, ETH Zürich

Chronic diseases are a burden to individuals, societies and healthcare systems. Qualified personnel is scarce and costs are exploding. A potential solution is to decrease contact time with expensive and rare healthcare professionals, and instead move to scalable solutions in the form of digital therapies. The talk reports on studies conducted at the Center for Digital Health Interventions and elsewhere, building on the Mobile Coach platform, and attempting to measure and increase the efficacy of digital therapies. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards scalable interventions for chronic diseases, but much remains to be done and learned.

Datum und Zeit

29.03.2023 12:30 - 13:15 iCal


Hörsaal 02.N.21

FHNW Campus Muttenz, Hofackerstrasse 30, 4132 Muttenz

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Hochschule für Life Sciences


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