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Forschungsseminar Vorlesung von Marco Viceconti

The opportunities of In Silico Medicine for musculoskeletal diseases, Marco Viceconti

The term In Silico Medicine indicates the use of modelling and simulation to investigate human health. The most common applications are Digital Twins, where a patient-specific model is used clinical decision support system, and In Silico Trials, where models are used to reduce, refine, and partially replace in vitro, animal, and clinical experimentation in the assessment of new medical products. in this seminar we will provide an overview on this emerging research area, including some early successes. We will then drill down to the specific area of In Silico Medicine solutions for the management of musculoskeletal diseases, or for the assessment of interventions for musculoskeletal diseases. We will summarise 20 years of work in the field, providing some examples of the huge potential of these methodologies in diseases such as skeletal oncology, juvenile arthritis, osteoporosis, and muscles weakness.

Dieses Forschungsseminar findet nur online statt!

Datum und Zeit

27.10.2021 12:30 - 13:15 iCal


Online Veranstaltung via Webex

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Hochschule für Life Sciences


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Prof. Dr. Erik Schkommodau
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