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15.6.2017 | Hochschule für Life Sciences

Symposium 3D Printing for Life Sciences

The “3D Printing for Life Sciences" symposium is providing an insight into current state of the art of 3D Printing in various disciplines of Life Sciences. It addresses above mentioned topics and questions and allows stakeholders and researchers from pharmaceutical and medical device industry as well as interested clinicians to exchange themselves with dedicated experts in 3D Printing.

3D Printing - also known as "Additive Manufacturing" has been used in Life Sciences for several decades. It all started with simple 3D printed surgical bone models almost 30 years ago and went over to 3D printed metal or ceramic implants in the recent decades. A novel emerging technology is BioPrinting, where living cells are stacked to build up tissue like structures or even organs for medical applications or drug discovery and testing. But what comes next? What are upcoming applications in clinical daily routine, or in medical device industry? Could we someday print body parts like joints or even organs? Is Additive Manufacturing entering any other Life Sciences applications? What if the technology becomes cheaper and easier accessible? What if end-users become producers of medical devices? Do we face any specific legal problems?

Get this insight into “3D Printing for Life Sciences” at our symposium on July 4th 2017. The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and the University Hospital Basel present in collaboration with this event at the School of Life Sciences in Muttenz, starting from 09:15.



Wann 04.07.2017 von 09:15 bis 16:30
Wo Hochschule für Life Sciences FHNW, Muttenz


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