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The Concept and the Arts

Genealogies of Conceptual Art - Workshop

Workshop with Christoph Haffter, Johannes Kreidler, Jaronas Scheurer, Paula Stoica, Felix Vogel and Monika Voithofer

Contemporary art is post-conceptual art. This currently widespread view represents the conceptual art of the 1960s and 1970s as a caesura whose far-reaching effects on art production extend to the present day. But what exactly does this view mean? And which works are paradigmatic of (historical) conceptual art? Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Art & Language or Hanne Darboven? What terms of the "conceptual" do these practices propose? And how do they relate to each other and to social reality? After all, conceptual art emerged at a time of social upheaval (the 1968 movement, the civil rights movement, the second feminist wave), which it in turn absorbed.

We will explore these questions in a one-day, interdisciplinary workshop. Our assumption is that the individual art forms - literature, visual art, music - have established different conceptions of conceptual art, each with their own specific genealogies, which have affected post-conceptual art production in their own way. In the joint discussion, we also want to discuss the extent to which we can speak of overlaps and common objectives.
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Datum und Zeit

2.3.2024, 9:00–18:00 Uhr iCal

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Hochschule für Musik Basel



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