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Komed Health

Secure Messaging for Hospitals. Patient Centered Communication.

Compared to today’s medical breakthroughs, most hospital communication systems remain stuck in the «stone age» of communication technology. Outdated paging systems and multiple and  redundant communication devices cause confusion, prevent efficiency in hospitals and may ultimately put patients at risk. In fact, communication failure in hospitals is responsible for more than
250000 deaths every year in the United States.

Komed Health provides a state of the art Messaging platform which is purpose built for Hospital use. It enables secured instant medical team communication, which is accessible on iOS, Android and Desktop. The application facilitates, bundles and organizes real-time communication between medical teams making other forms of in-Hospital communication such as fixed phones, pagers, faxes and E-Mails obsolete over time. The team is working closely with healthcare providers to build and advance rich feature sets tailored to modern healthcare professionals and hospital workflows.

While the base functionalities of the solution are available as a standalone application, one decisive added value is the possibility to integrate Komed with the Hospital‘s internal IT and communication systems, such as e.g. its EMR system. Leveraging the intelligence of the Komed Health platform, important notifications, alerts, and Alarms can be delivered to the right care team members at the right time, on their device of choice. Ultimately, Komed Health empowers clinicians to securely communicate and collaborate more effectively in order to advance care efficiencies and ensure patient safety.

The product was deployed successfully to the first customer. A first Proof of Concept started in the Emergency Department of the Inselspital in Bern and agreed expansion to other clinics and hospitals.

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