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Makes cell research accessible to anybody at a fraction of the price

In recent years, the drug discovery and biotechnology market has observed astonishing discoveries and progress. With the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, the life-science sector continues to embark on a transformative technological journey. This is true for both life-science academic institutions and drug manufacturers. However – to test new exciting diagnostic and therapeutic agents it is vital to trial them on the essential building blocks of life – cells. To do this, big time and financial investments are needed in staff, laboratories and resources that specialise on growing cells and tissues.

Closest artificial cells on the market

Or is it? Artcella is dedicated to design and manufacture the closest cell mimics (artificial cells) on the market, making cell research accessible to anybody at a fraction of the price.
Our artificial cells are directly made out of real cells and are therefore ideal imitates. Their size, structure and origin make them ideal research tools. In contrast to real cells they are easier to handle and do not require special laboratories or skills.
All Artcella products are easily scalable, compatible with established cell analysis techniques and come ready to use. Our products aim to circumvent conventional cell-based assays, and cut the cost associated with sterile cell culture work, required in the process of drug discovery/development. Making the complex simple, and the simple unique. Artcella.

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