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We aim improving people's health

Dicronis develops diagnostic products for diseases with high unmet medical needs. The first product in our pipeline, Lymphit, allows for the earliest possible detection of lymphedema. This is a chronic and progressive condition, mostly outlined by the swelling of a limb but primarily caused by a malfunction of the lymphatic system.
Current methods of diagnosis rely on the accumulation of fluid for detection, thereby require the diseases to proceed until a point it can be identified. With Lymphit, we allow for the earliest, subclinical diagnosis, by measuring the lymphatic malfunction.

Measurements at home

We achieve this by delivery of an approved fluorescent agent in the skin using a microneedles-based patch and measure of its uptake by fluorescence decrease over time. The product empowers the patient to do the measurements at home, owing to its ease-of-use, while professionals review their results.
Increasing the quality-of-life of patients who already have overcome a cancer is our core interest. Our second product (the patent being currently drafted) is for early cancer detection and monitoring.

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